Home/School Agreement

The school recognises that a child’s best interests are best served by parents and professionals working together in partnership. As a school we are therefore committed to establishing and maintaining an effective and purposeful working relationship between the school and home. 

To achieve this the school will:

  1. Plan, assess, mark and record children’s work and achievements
  2. Reward hard work, good behaviour and positive attitudes
  3. Agree to look into problems and concerns quickly and effectively
  4. Encourage children to do their best at all times
  5. Encourage children to take care of their surroundings, school equipment and others around them
  6. Inform parents of the children’s progress at regular meetings


The family will:

  1. Make sure my child attends regularly and provides an immediate reason if absent
  2. Make sure my child arrives at school on time
  3. Support my child by giving them the time and place to complete homework
  4. Attend meetings to discuss my child’s progress
  5. Keep school informed of change of address, telephone and other relevant information i.e medical
  6. Ensure that children dress appropriately in school uniform and have PE kit when required.


Together we will:

  1. Support any special needs
  2. Encourage the children to keep the school’s code of conduct
  3. Support child’s learning to help them achieve their best