Early Help for our school

Supporting Our Children and Families

At John Randall Primary and Nursery School we recognise the challenges that families may face. There are times when you might need extra help and support. If this is the case, please come and talk to us.

In order to support our families in the right way, we will work with you to identify:

  • what you are worried about
  • what is working well
  • what needs to happen next

Providing early help to our children and families at John Randall means we can change a child’s developmental path and improve outcomes for children, families, and communities, providing support as soon as a problem emerges, at any point in a child’s life.

Early Help at our school…

  • Staffing structure that promotes support for all pupils and families.
  • There is an ‘open-door’ approach for parents/carers to ask for help when they need it.
  • support to improve attendance, or behaviour, or to increase engagement with families with the aim of making school life a more positive experience for the child.
  • Well-being interventions for any pupils in need. e.g. BE-U (Anita) Counselling , Mental Health Support Team
  • A whole school ethos that values every child and nurtures them to enable them to achieve their potential.
  • Inclusion Manger & Family Ambassador – school-based provision to support both children and families.
  • The school nurse and health visitors offering advice and support to parents/carers.
  • School SENCO — Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
  • Other agencies; LSAT- Learning support advisory Teacher, Educational Psychologist, Soundswell – Speech and Language support
  • Working with Social Services and Strengthening Families for better outcomes for our families
  • Early Help assessments and plans to support families in need of support
If an Early Help Assessment is needed to support your family’s additional needs, this will be undertaken by Mrs Pugh in partnership with you, to gain further information. Giving adults and children a voice with other agencies to access the best help to meet all aspects of family living in and out of school, to improve outcomes for your children. Please phone 10952 388390 if you need any help or advice or alternatively you can email EarlyHelpJohnRandall@taw.org.uk
Below is the button to link to Telford and Wrekin directory of support and Early Help assessment.

Early Help signposting from school…