Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to
John Randall Primary School and Nursery

It is with great pleasure that I say hello to you on behalf of the Governors, Staff and Pupils of our school. I feel extremely honoured to be working here at John Randall and sincerely hope that you and your child’s journey with us proves to be equally happy.

At John Randall Primary School and Nursery, every child is as important as the next. In short, ‘every child matters’. High self esteem is encouraged, high expectations, standards and values are fostered and progress and achievement are positively monitored and celebrated. We believe that all children can achieve and that no child is left behind.

We believe schools are the training ground for ‘the art of living.’

As a result, personal development is at the heart of our learning journey and we aim to develop the whole child, fostering positive personal attributes alongside learning characteristics which will enable children to become successful lifelong learners, who contribute positively to society.

At our school, personal development is exemplified through our ‘John Randall’ way and our whole school motto: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe’. We promote these rules across our learning, assemblies, enrichment and whole school ethos.

The roots of our ‘John Randall’ way are the personal values we promote both around school and beyond our school community. These are: Kindness, Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Acceptance and Ambition – all aligned to and linked with the Fundamental British Values. We believe that by focussing on these core human traits we are enabling the roots of our children to flourish, to enable them to fulfil their potential and feel happy, content and valued in their learning community and beyond.

To help our learners continue a successful journey through the curriculum, we have created out own Learning animals:

  • Resilient Rhino – we are resilient, even when faced with challenges.
  • Memory Magpie – we strengthen our memory be revisiting knowledge and asking questions to make the knowledge stick!
  • Practice Panda – we practise. We persevere and by going over and over something, we remember it easily!
  • Team Dolphin – we know the power of working together. We learn best when we share ideas and listen carefully to others.

To develop both values and characteristics of learning, personal development goes beyond the implementation of the National Curriculum. Our unique learning experiences and well-planned enrichment activities help ignite in children a passion for learning and ensure that they are equipped with the cultural capital to prepare children for life beyond the classroom. To support this, we will visit places of worship; take part in the John Muir award at Arthog; delve into what makes our local area special; go back in time by visiting Ancient Civilizations; enjoy a day at the seaside; experience at least 2 residential visits; perform for audiences throughout the school journey; have opportunities to learn a musical instrument; take part in sporting clubs; visit museums and places of historical and cultural interest and many, many other opportunities from Nursery to Year 6.

Miss E Guess / Headteacher