Led by Mr Thorpe

At John Randall Primary School and Nursery, we teach the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression guided by Engaging Science by Mary Le Breuilly and PLAN (The Pan-London Assessment Network). Science is taught weekly in the morning and afternoon. This ensures that lessons are thorough, investigative and enjoyable allowing children to have the best possible learning experience through responsive teaching.

Science In Action – Elements of the Curriculum

In Year One, one scientific area the children will look at is Materials.  Pupils will describe them by their properties such as hard/soft, weak/strong, dull/shiny and they will also have the opportunity to learn methods of classification and comparison materials according to their properties.

In Year Five, pupils will look at scientific areas such as Earth and Space and Forces.  Children will have the opportunity to learn about the gravitational pull of planets, different types of resistance and how to construct simple machines to aid moving loads.

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