Physical Education

Physical Education

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At John Randall Primary School and Nursery PE is an essential element of our curriculum where children are equipped to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. We use Crossbar coaches in partnership with our own teachers to educate all children from the Early Years to Year 6.  The progression of the curriculum develops fundamental movement and key physical skills in the early years to sport specific skills and the application of these skills in competitive environments in the upper key stages. The aim here at John Randall is to develop our children’s physical skills to equip them to lead healthy, active lives. Through the delivery of weekly PE sessions we can build upon each child’s fundamentals as well as teaching key ‘life skills’ such as attitude, teamwork, confidence, health and social interaction.


Additionally, a focus here is to expose children to a wide variety of sports and activities in order to give children the opportunity to find their sporting passion. We aim to give as many children as possible the ability to represent our school at inter-school competitions.  We provide a wide range of after-school clubs which aim to foster and develop a child’s interest and encourage them to participate in sport outside of their PE lessons. This develops our children’s engagement in competitive sport and gives children a context in which to apply their learning and abilities. 

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