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Reading & Phonics



We believe that the ability to read is a tool for lifelong learning and enjoyment.  We aim to develop confident, independent readers who are enthusiastic and have a love of books.


Guided reading is taught daily through discrete sessions. Each child will have two supported sessions of guided reading per week. One session will be with the teacher and the other with the teaching assistant.


Records are kept by each teacher in a guided reading folder.


Children who are not making expected progress are given extra support through interventions at another time.


To support the development of independent reading at John Randall Primary School the Oxford Reading Tree scheme is used.


Throughout all key stages children are expected to read at least once a week at home with an adult.  Please see our reading at home booklet below.

Reading at home



In our school we believe in the value of establishing secure foundations in all aspects of the children’s learning and development.


We teach high quality, discrete, systematic phonics sessions, following the letters and sounds programme. We supplement this with teaching children the jolly phonics actions for each sound as we recognise a fun, multi-sensory approach helps children to better recall the letter sounds. 


We understand that children are individuals and come to us having had different levels of experience and we therefore recognise the importance of phase 1 phonics as the basis to enabling children to be successful readers and writers.


 Children need to be able to distinguish between different sounds before they are able to hear individual sounds in words. They must be able to recognise rhythm and rhyme and also develop sequencing and memory skills. They need a rich vocabulary. All of these are the foundations that will allow children to become good readers and writers later on.


 We play games which allow children to distinguish sounds, memory and sequence games, we make up silly rhymes and poems. 


Most importantly we share stories, we talk to our children and spend time listening to them and we sing! 


 Phase 1 phonics is taught throughout nursery and continues alongside all other phases to allow children to gain the auditory skills necessary to help them to reach their full potential.


All teaching and support staff have received recent training in the teaching of phonics to ensure lively, interactive phonic sessions that are matched to pupils needs and engage them in learning.


We also offer a parents group to provide support and ideas for ways that parents can have fun at home with phase 1 activities with their child. For information about how to take part in these sessions please speak to Nikki in nursery


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