The School Day

The School Day

 7.50 am       Breakfast Club opens for working parents
 8.00 am       Breakfast Club opens for all (hot food is served until 8.15)
 8.45 am       Gates open
 8.50 am       Classroom doors open, teachers greet children and parents and take children  
                     into class
                    Class registers are taken between 8.55 and 9.00am
 9.00 am       Lessons begin
10.40 am      School Assembly
10.50 am      Breaktime.  Children are supervised by members of staff. 

                    Children may bring in a piece of fresh fruit to eat at this time

                    however, children in Nursery and years up to year 2 receive a free piece of

                    fruit each day under the “National School Fruit Scheme”. 

                    Key Stage 2 pupils are able to purchase fruit at a cost of 10p each day. It is

                    essential that you inform us of any allergies that your child may have, so that

                     we can ensure that they are not given anything which will harm them.


12.15 –1.00    Lunchtime.  Children may:

                      -    Go home for lunch – not returning until 12.55pm

                      -    Bring in a packed lunch – no glass bottles nor fizzy/energy drinks please

                      -    Pay for a school meal. Money should be put in the classroom box and

                            name written in the book at the start of each day. Please note that you

                            are not permitted to run up a debt for school meals. If this occurs then

                            no further meals will be provided for your child in school.

                     -     Have a free meal, if they are entitled to one. Application forms are

                           available from the school office.  All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year

                           2 are entitled to have a free school dinner every day under the Universal

                           Infant Free School Meals Scheme

1.00 pm               Afternoon lessons begin

3.00pm               Home time.  Parents should wait on the playground to collect their

                          children from classrooms.   

                           Teachers are available for a short time after school to see parents.  If a

                           longer time is needed, an appointment can be made via the school office.