School Sport Premuim


School Sport Premium

In this school the amount we receive is £8834  (2016/17)
This will be spent on:
1.     Employing a full time Sport’s Teaching Assistant who works in school to:
2. Purchasing a gym instructor for an afternoon a week plus an after school club
     (one term)
3. Paying for transport to sporting events and KS2 swimming lessons

The Sport Teaching Assistant

The Sport TA plans and leads selected PE lessons and supports teachers in others to broaden the range of sports on offer to pupils. All teaching staff and some TAs are in these lessons which therefore provides good training for them which ensures sustainability.

The Sport TA accompanies pupils when participating in interschool or other competitions/events/matches. This means that more teams are trained and we enter more events, increasing participation. The impact of competitive sport is widely acknowledged to develop confidence, teamwork and self- esteem. These attributes are then reflected within school in areas such as behaviour for learning which impacts on attainment.

The Sport TA plays football at lunchtimes, modelling the rules and sportsmanship of the game – a great increase in participation here!

Impact is healthier pupils who know the rules of football.

Gym Coach

The gym coach provides specialist coaching and an after school club – this also provides training to school staff (including the Sport TA) and increases participation in sport.

Impact:  more children engaged, opens doors for pupils who may not enjoy other sports, thereby increasing fitness levels

To see how the money was spent in the 15-16 financial year, click on the link below