Year 6

We are very proud of how well our year 6 children have worked this week. They have given their best in the SATs and that’s all we can ask for But more importantly : They are wonderful individuals with many talents that the SATs cant test! There are many ways of being smart… year 6 are smart, kind, happy, thoughtful and caring And we are very proud of them! Ms Gaskell, Mrs Wust


Mrs. Wust, Miss Curtis, Mrs. Davies and Miss Gibbs welcome you to Year 6.



Year 6 SATs Homework                                                                                               17/09/18


Homework to be completed by Monday, 24/09/18








22 and 23

‘able’ and ‘ible’


4 and 5

! and ?


4 and 5



Standard Level

8 and 9

Negative numbers

Foundation Level

10 and 11

Negative numbers

Advanced Level

8 and 9

Negative numbers




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This term, PE will be on Wednesday afternoons and swimming on Thursday mornings.  Please ensure correct kit is in school for both days!



Year 6 visit to watch Wonder:

We ended our Autumn term with a fantastic visit to Cineworld, Telford to watch the film 'Wonder'.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the film after having read the book as our Guided Reading text.  It was so lovely to hear everyone discussing and comparing the book to the film!  Thank you Year 6 for persuading us to take you!












Our topic this term is the Industrial Revolution. We will be exploring why the Industrial Revolution was important to Britain, Victorian Crime and Punishment, Victorian Children in trouble with the law and did the punishment fit the crime?

In Science we will be looking at Evolution and inheritance.


This term PE will be on Friday and Crossbar on Tuesday. Please ensure correct kit is in school.



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