Year 5 archive

We have now planted our #RocketScience seeds...
DSCF0605.JPG      DSCF0607.JPG        DSCF0608.JPG
 We had to set up 8 seed trays.                 Each seed needed a label which we         Each seed label had to have a code.
                                                              made out of plastic milk cartons.
DSCF0612.JPG     DSCF0616.JPG         DSCF0619.JPG
We received 2 pack of seeds: a blue
pack and a red pack, each containing 100 seeds.  Each seed had to be given a code: R1 - R100 and B1 - B100
DSCF0622.JPG      DSCF0623.JPG        DSCF0627.JPG
We made 2cm deep holes for each             We don't know which pack has been              Each seed was planted in the seed
seed.                                                            up in space and which stayed on earth,          trays one at a time

DSCF0629.JPG     DSCF0630.JPG         DSCF0631.JPG
8 x seed trays all ready.  But before we could put them on the windowsill, we had to randomise their order.  1 label from 
each tray was taken and placed in a bag.  Labels were then pulled out from the bag and the order used to place the trays
on the windowsill in our classroom.  
All done!  Our seeds are now watered daily and the trays turned every two days so they grow straight.  We have specific days 
to note results on our results chart which is then entered on the national database once the experiment has finished.  Only then
do we get to find out which colour packet has been in space...  Which colour do you predict?