Year 1


Mrs Benton, Mrs McCurrach, Claire and Marie would like to welcome you to Year 1.


This half term in Year 1 we are learning about nocturnal animals. Already this term we have had a fox ‘break in’ to our classroom. What a mess he made leaving foot prints on the tables and chairs and eating our oranges! We will be looking at facts about nocturnal animals and we will be making ‘cheerio’ bird feeders and fat balls and writing instructions about how to make these. We will also be reading the story ‘Owl Babies’ and have arranged a very special visit at the end of November.




Image result for children reading with parents



You are doing a ‘fantastic’ job reading with your children at home. Keep it up! Reading has a huge impact on all aspects of children’s learning.






World Book Day 

Year 1 book day


World book day



Homework Projects


This terms homework will be based on our topic. They will receive their books in the coming week. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

The children should choose activities they enjoy. They should complete at least one a week.



So far this year the children have been looking at a number of different poems and stories. They have enjoyed the opportunity to perform these to the class.
Nature Art 
As part of our RE work on creation, children collected leaves and made their own nature art creation.
Don't they look fabulous:
Dojo points

In Year 1 the children are awarded ‘dojo’ points which are counted up each half term. The child with the most ‘dojo’ points at the end of the half term will get to choose a prize from our prize box. Well done to Ella who got to choose a prize at the end of last half term. ‘Dojo’ points will be awarded for all sorts of reasons like when your child has read 6, 12, 18 etc books at home, bringing in work they have done at home, doing good work in class and for good behaviour or being helpful or kind to classmates.
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